NOT DEAD is a CD featuring 11 of the best unsigned metal bands from around the world! Each band has graciously donated a song to this CD, in support of the cause: to support organizations that are dedicated to research into curing, and care of people afflicted with, Multiple Sclerosis.


Buy the CD  NOT DEAD can be purchased on CD Baby - $10 per copy, plus shipping.

NOT DEAD can also be purchased online through Tower Records.

In addition, NOT DEAD can be purchased at the following retail outlets:

CD Warehouse
15600 NE 8th St. #O-16 (Crossroads Mall)
Bellevue, WA 98008
(425) 641-6107

NOT DEAD is also available on iTunes!

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Multiple Sclerosis is an autoimmune disease where the fatty tissue covering the nervous system (Myelin) starts to flake off for unknown reasons. The patient’s own immune system then attacks the areas where the myelin has flaked off, creating scars and inhibiting nerve impulses.

MS can manifest itself in many ways - from almost indetectability, to complete paralysis, and in rare occasions death. There is no cure.

Imagine that one day you wake up and cannot get out of bed. Imagine you have lost your ability to walk - to talk - to take care of yourself, to be independent.

Imagine the things you love doing, and have loved your entire life, suddenly being taken away from you.

People with MS have to live with the fact that on any day, at any time, the problems above could happen to them, turning their life upside down.

It is our hope at Head Case Radio that with this CD, we can generate funds for MS charities who are working to cure the disease, repair the damage caused, and care for those afflicted with this terrible disease. Research into MS also helps people with other, related, autoimmune diseases as well!

All proceeds from the sale of this CD are donated evenly between the following charities:

If you have any questions, please !


"This is a great CD! I’m listening to it (again) right now. It’s a rocking collection that proves (as if we needed proof!) that hot talent and being commercially promoted by a faceless corporation really have nothing to do with each other. This CD is worth the price for the tunes alone -- the fact that proceeds are going to such a worthy cause makes this a must-have item!" - RS, Seattle, WA 04/19/05

"I recieved my copy of Not Dead in the mail today and this album kicks ass. The quality the CD was excellent and the bands even better. This is a must have album if you are into unsigned bands and tired of the corporate BS we are fed daily. As stated in the last post it also does not hurt that the procedes go to a great cause. Pick yours up today and I promise you will not be sorry." - the_unspoken, Rome, GA 04/20/05

THANK YOU for supporting MS research and the care of those affected!