What is the best musical instrument for a child?

Many parents think that music can be a powerful ally when it comes to educating their children. For children to become familiar with an instrument is something very positive for their creative, intellectual, auditory, sensory, speech and motor development.

They also learn to express their emotions and interests in a different way, something that can help them feel more secure when relating to others.

Music education is a fun way to learn and can facilitate learning in other subjects. Especially in the literacy stage, where it is common to use rhymes or melodies to stimulate them. It also increases the ability to concentrate, something that is fundamental in the first stage of their education.

But there are many doubts that can arise when it comes to introducing children to music. The first thing we have to be clear about is that we cannot force them, if they see it as an imposition we can generate the opposite effect.

Music can help us if we understand it as something fun, especially at an early age. We cannot force them to play an instrument, much less a specific one, they must decide if they want and which one they like.

We must stimulate them so that the interest in music arises in them.

However, there are instruments that are easier to start playing than others because they require less complexity to emit simple melodies or rhythms. Between the ages of 2 and 5, small xylophones, pianos, drums, bongos or other percussion instruments can work well.

From the age of 6 they can start with something more complex like the clarinet, the drum, the violin, the guitar or the piano. They will surely accompany you throughout your musical life.

We show you in detail some of the simplest and funniest instruments to start playing. In addition, they are the most offered by teachers and if you want you can find music teacher on our platform.

Piano: It is one of the most common in beginners. Some experts say that learning to play the piano opens the door for you to play other instruments. Although an expensive instrument, there is a variety of keyboards to suit every pocket.

Guitar: Although stepping on the strings may seem difficult at first, once you have mastered the technique it opens up a world of musical possibilities.

It is undoubtedly the star instrument of pop culture and mastering the simplest chords can motivate children and young people enough to play their favorite songs.

Saxophone: One of the most attractive instruments for children. Its shape and sound attract a lot of attention. As soon as we have mastered the way of blowing and the first movements we will find satisfactory results in a short time. There are several types of saxophones and we must be well informed when acquiring one.

Clarinet: It is one of the most demanded instruments in music bands, so children can easily integrate into a group and this may motivate them much more. The sound of the clarinet is clear and very pleasant. In addition its tonal range is very wide so it can open up a whole field of musical possibilities.

Percussion: Drums, timpani, drums… are some of the most fun instruments for children. They are very attractive because the basic technique is very simple, almost instinctive. But complexity takes a long time to perfect.

It is one of the instruments for which you need more hours of rehearsal at home and perhaps bothering the neighbors can be a problem. But some instruments such as drums can be found electric and we can listen to them with headphones.

The possibilities are many when it comes to choosing an instrument and these are just a few examples. Remember that the more children are motivated to learn, the easier it will be to instill in them a passion for music.

Try talking to someone who already knows how to play or to a teacher. And above all, don’t despair if they get bored, don’t dismiss them as impossible, sometimes this type of learning is a matter of trial and error.

It’s very common for you to start with an instrument and lose interest, so it’s a good idea to explore the second-hand market and not invest too much money at first.