Why use nicotine-free juices?

That V are already a trend in Brazil and in the world nobody doubts it anymore. However, some polemics still cause questioning among those who intend to join the electronic cigarette. Among them are the benefits that a juice without nicotine can provide to the practice, and even the possibility of abandoning once and for all the addiction to this substance.

As specialists on the subject and always willing to bring tips and useful information about the universe of vaporization, we decided to prepare a complete post about what else we understand: juice without nicotine.

So, do you want to enjoy a much more pleasurable drink and with less risks to your health? So, continue reading and get in touch with these tips. Let’s go!

After all, juice without nicotine does less harm?

Playing wide open, as we always do, we can say that there are no 100% safe ways to smoke. However, electronic cigarettes, in comparison to conventional tobacco, are far from bringing the same risks to health.

First of all, the compounds are very different. While a paper cigarette contains, on average, more than 4 thousand substances, the electronic basically has up to 4: vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, aromatic concentrates and, finally, nicotine. Even this last component is not always present, as we will speak along our text.

Then, it is worth mentioning that there is no direct combustion in the electronic cigarette, much less paper, herbs, leaves or things like gunpowder (because it is, you smoke gunpowder when swallowing a normal cigarette). Finally, the frequency of swallowing tends to be lower with electronic cigarettes, since there is no such tendency to smoke an entire cigarette after you light it.

Does nicotine free juice help stop smoking?

Another advantage of nicotine free e-liquids is that they can help to quit the conventional cigarette habit. Not that this is a general rule, much less an easy task. However, one of the most used practices is to replace paper packs with V and gradually reduce nicotine levels in the juices.

In other words, when you manage to abandon tobacco it is normal that the organism resists a little to the lack of nicotine, and with the V you are sure that you can diminish the levels of the substance little by little, until it starts to vaporize for simple habit or pleasure, without any more dependence or addiction.

Speaking of pleasure, are the juices really tasty?

Definitely, yes. In particular, in nicotine free juices the aromas and flavors seem to prevail even more, considering that the vapers use them much more for pleasure and not for a need. There is an infinity of essences on the markets, and there are those who make their own recipes and mixtures at home, what would be unthinkable with common cigarettes, do you agree?

From fruity to floral flavors, from citrus to exotic, and from sweets to imitation drinks, e-liquids are the greatest proof that vaporizing can bring a pleasant and very aromatic sensation.

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